I have now studied at Hyper Island in two years and in the last 5 months I had an internship at Svep in Sockholm. One of the projects I made during that time was a trailer for Minecraft Caves & Cliffs - Part 1 update. I worked as an 3D generalist and my task was to make environements and lightning for some scenes. There are a few examples in the pictures above.

Direction & Production:
Character Animation:
Florian Raphael Panzer & Matthias Knappe

Johannes Matsson, Tim van der Wiel & Philip Månsson

Ola Tandstad
Svep & Sven Ahlström
Client Producer:
Mojang – Nicolette Suraga
Art Direction:
Svep & Mojang – Johan Aronsson
Music & SFX:
Ambiens – Calle Wachtmeister
Ideation & Script:
Svep & Mojang – Cristina Anderca, Owen Jones & Johan Aronsson
Animation Supervisor
David Weidemann

Grade, Online & Versioning:
Sander van Wijk & Peter Skov Nielsen

Storyboard Artist:
Magnus Jonason
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